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Lucca appeared in Malaga 8 years ago and we don’t know where it comes from. The breed is something that has never worried me, but it is true that each one tends to have health problems that we can pay more attention to in veterinary check-ups. Can you imagine being able to know which diseases your furry is more prone to suffer from? Now it is possible to carry out a DNA test for dogs.

Genetic Test Onegen lab

When they contacted us from Onegen lab and told me about the Genetic Test for dogs, it seemed like a unique opportunity to learn a little more about Lucca and its genetic background.

This test gives results that guarantee the reliability of 99.9% and analyzes more than 200 diseases among which the following groups stand out:

  • Vision Problems (Glaucomas, Retinopathies)
  • Skeletal system (Osteogenesis, Dysplasia)
  • Brain diseases (Ataxia, Epilepsy)
  • Respiratory system
  • Endocrine system (Hypothyroidism)
  • Renal System (Cistinúria, Kidney stones)
  • Immunodeficiencies
  • Liver diseases
  • Diseases related to the skin (Ichthyosis, Keratosis, …)
  • Gastrointestinal diseases (Bad absorptions, Hypocatalasia, …)
  • Blood system (Coagulation disorders, …)

It is also studied what medication can cause problems due to intolerances of genetic origin (mutation in the gen MDR1). The main drugs that are analyzed are antiparasitics, antidiarrheals, antibiotics, steroids, anesthesia, anticancer and immunomodulatory.

How is the test done?

Once you order the test through the Onegen lab website you will receive a kit in just a few days which includes everything you need to take the sample at home, you just have to follow the instructions indicated.

The swab of the sample should be passed over your dog’s cheek, trying not to rub the tongue or teeth. It may seem complicated but the truth is that with Lucca it was quite simple. The pack includes two swabs to ensure a correct result.

Once done, you must keep the sample as indicated on the paper and request collection as well as filling in a short questionnaire about your dog. In a couple of days a courier company will pick up your package and you will receive the answers after a few weeks in your email.

How useful can this Test be?

The fact that our dog suffers a genetic alteration does not mean that it will suffer from the disease, but it does mean that it is more likely than other animals. With the Genetic Test we can go to our veterinarian and analyze the results together.

This will allow us do a more exhaustive follow-up when we go to the annual check-ups to prevent and, if you suffer from any disease, detect it as soon as possible. In addition, it will help us to know those medications that can cause a negative reaction.

Preventive Dogs DNA Test

test adn preventive

Did you know the DNA tests for dogs? It is something very new that can help us take better care of the health of our four-legged companions. As soon as we have the results from Lucca we will tell you what they indicate.

If you try it with your furry, I encourage you to tell us about your experience in the comments. It may be of use to other readers!

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