Care about the forgotten animals

It’s almost October 4, World Animal Day. There is a good chance that you will spoil your pet extra. But what happens to all those animals that suffer invisibly?

A lot of people impulsively adopt a pet. They mainly get an animal for themselves. Without thinking about the long term and the needs of the new housemate. Our hearts cry for the many messages about animals that quickly get ‘in the way’:

  • dumped guinea pigs;
  • the cat who has to leave the house because a new sofa is coming;
  • puppies that cost too much money because they were bought in haste from a rogue breeder who supplies sick animals.

And what about all those animals that suffer invisibly behind the front door:

  • the hamster who is kept awake all day by cuddly children;
  • the rabbit that sits alone and lattice his time;
  • or the dog that – after months of full attention – is left alone at home for hours until the owner comes home again.

The animals cannot stand up for themselves. They must be protected. Information about the responsible purchase and keeping of pets is vital.
You can help these forgotten animals!

Good information about keeping pets prevents serious animal suffering. Together with you we make the difference by always putting the interests of the animals first and not the interests of the owner.
Make World Animal Day a celebration for all pets! Whether you’re sharing information, making a donation, or signing our anti-impulse buying campaign. No matter how big or small your contribution is, with your support you can actually fight and prevent animal suffering!

Your support helps to:

  • to provide information in which the natural needs of pets play a leading role;
  • prevent impulse purchases;
  • to prevent the dumping of animals;
  • combat loneliness in pets
  • to implement laws and regulations that protect animals.

Thank you on behalf of the pets!


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