Beat the heat in summer: 12 tips for dogs

If we are overwhelmed by the heat, imagine our dogs regulating their temperature much worse! That is why it is important to follow some tips that will make the summer more bearable.

For them, who only perspire from the pads of their feet and through panting, the summer becomes more uphill. So I want to show you 12 tips for your dog to have a more refreshing summer and, thus, avoid unpleasant consequences such as heat stroke:

Change your bed.

Surely you have noticed how your dog stops sleeping in his bed usually and changes it on the ground, cooler but more uncomfortable. And, of course, it also tastes bad to see your dog sleeping on the floors. Well, peace of mind because everything is invented, and it is that in pet stores you can find the calls cooling mats or the hammocks, which are a foot from the ground and, in addition to being extremely comfortable, they are very fresh.

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Change routines.

We know that the dog needs physical activity, but with high temperatures, it is convenient to change the routines of exits for the walks. It’s one thing to go out and pee and come home and it’s another to go out and exercise. Avoid the hours of maximum heat and go out first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon.

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Avoid asphalt floors.

Take this test: put your hand on the asphalt. If your hand can handle the heat, your dog will. If you burn the palm of your hand, your dog will burn the pads. Try avoid asphalt floors so your pads don’t crack or ulcerate.

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No the rapes.

Some adopters think that the shorter the hair, the cooler the dog will be and this is not the case. The dog’s hair acts not only as a protector from the cold but also from the sun’s rays and heat. There are breeds that can never be cut hair, such as double-coat (Pomeranian or Husky, for example). For these dogs a good daily brushing is wonderful.

For dogs that do not shed hair, it is advisable to cut it, but never shave it off. Cut leaving a sunscreen blanket. Nature is wise: for this reason, to combat the heat, dogs shed more hair than usual.

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Bet on water games.

If you have a garden and / or pool, it goes without saying that the quintessential playful activity are games with the hose, sprinklers, or baths.

If you are one of those who only have a balcony or terrace, nothing happens, because you can buy a small pool for dogs where you can enjoy like a dwarf.

Think that the most important thing is that you get your pads wet.

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More refreshing food is possible.

Dry feed, when it’s so hot, can take away anyone’s appetite. For this reason, in summer the wet food or semi-wet enters much better.

And as refreshing prizes, what better than a piece of watermelon, apple, etc. (Be careful never to give him the seeds of any fruit!) Or snacks semi húmedos.

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Always carry water with you.

Never leave the house without water for your dog because he can easily become dehydrated. A water dispenser it is the most comfortable and useful resource.

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Forbidden to leave it in the car.

Not a minute. The number of deaths that have occurred for leaving a dog inside the car even to run a quick errand! Let’s not forget that dogs overheat much faster than we do.

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Water excursions.

Wherever you live, there is sure to be a lake, a reservoir, a beach or a cove where you can go with your dog and take a good and fun dip. Is there anything more fun in summer? Yes, always When the sun is low

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Frozen sweets.

Take those candies so appetizing for your dog and put them in the freezer with water in the ice bucket. And when you see the dog very suffocated, nothing better than a treat than to lick it (always remember to pass it through the water tap first to avoid sticking its tongue).

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Caution with air conditioning.

Let’s prevent the dog from abusing the air conditioning because sudden changes in temperature also affect the older dogs may catch colds, older dogs may suffer from rheumatism, their immune systems may suffer, etc. To do this, try that the air conditioning is somewhat lower than the outside temperature.

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Take care of your truffle.

The sun can also affect the truffle of our furry, resecting it in excess. Smear it with petroleum jelly before going outside is not more.

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