Are Boxer Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Boxers are not considered hypoallergenic, as they shed moderately and produce dander. Shedding is an issue that all large dog breeds face because of their long hair coats. This includes Boxers. The dander to which you might be referring is secreted by oil glands around the skin, and this is typically more of an issue with dog breeds that have hair rather than fur.

Boxers are considered a particolored breed as their coats come in patches of white and any color. This mixture of colors occurs as the result of dilution genes. As such, both black and fawn Boxers are born with white spots on their coats. These patches turn darker as the puppies mature. Their skin pigment changes to the final coat color of the puppy, even where there is still white present; this results in very few pure white Boxer dogs.

Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Dachshunds are often referred to as hypoallergenic dog breeds, but they shed most of all. In fact, if your allergies are related to pet dander and not dog hair, you’ll find any breed will produce the same allergic response as long as there is a viable allergen present.

Shedding can be decreased by using a Furminator de-shedding tool on your Boxer. These tools remove excess hair from the undercoat without damaging the topcoat. They are recommended for all dogs with a double coat that shed, including Boxers.

Boxers are also known for their short, shiny coats. These coat attributes to enhance the likelihood of producing an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to dog dander.

There is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog breed, though there are breeds that typically produce fewer allergens than others.

Poodles, for instance, are known to produce fewer allergens because they have hair rather than fur, which requires the allergen-producing oil glands around their skin to be near the top of the coat, away from the allergens.

Are boxers bad for allergies?

Boxers are not normally known to cause allergies because they don’t shed much and their skin produces low levels of dander; however, if you suffer from dog allergy symptoms, any breed may trigger a reaction.

To reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction, keep your Boxer in good physical condition. Regular bathing and grooming helps control shedding and reduces the amount of dander in the environment.

If you are allergic to dogs, avoid bringing your Boxer into contact with areas where you spend time; this will reduce the risk of inhaling allergens that might cause an allergic reaction.

Allergies can be treated through medication and immunotherapy (allergy shots), which often reduces the severity of symptoms.

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