6 perfect dog breeds according to your personality and way of life

Dogs are without a doubt the best friend that every human being could want. In life we ​​cannot miss them and, if you have not yet had the joy of adopting, then why not try it now? We have the list of 6 dog breeds, which can be adapted to the type of person you are. Ready? Let us begin!

Surely you have heard the saying that “every dog ​​looks like its owner” and it couldn’t be more true! It is that depending on the races or, rather, their characteristics, they will adapt better to the personality or lifestyle of each person. For example, some dogs are more active and, therefore, are often chosen by sports lovers. If you still have doubts, the BBC has published a scientific report that supports the fact that the person naturally chooses a canine that “looks like him or her” in terms of way of being.

1. poodle or poodle

They are naturally family-loving canines, they are empathetic, and they don’t mind being around a lot of people. It is recommended for those who have a fairly active social life. They behave calmly at home, and require moderate physical activity, however, this aspect should not be neglected either and they will need their 3 daily walks.

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2. Chihuahua


It can be a bit aggressive if its adaptation and education is not adequate, but it is an aspect that can be controlled and will become a fairly social dog. It will depend a lot on how you treat it from its first months of life! It is a small, active puppy, alert at all times. Perfect for those who love the active life! Although they do not need long runs or walks, they will require their walks and playtime.

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3. Pitbull


The Pitbul is a strong, and very active dog whose character will depend a lot on its education. They are defenders of their owners, but not to be confused with aggressiveness, they are very sociable animals. He is very affectionate with children within his family circle, but as with any dog, interactions always have to be controlled. If your personality is strong and you like sports, then they are the ideal breed to adopt because it is a very intelligent and active dog.

Do you want to know how is your way of being? For this you can use the online tool of My Personality Test, where by answering certain questions, you will have as a result the type of personality that characterizes you. Analyzing the results and your way of life you will be able to better choose the character of your 4-legged companion.

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4. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Big, smart, very calm and friendly. Those are the main characteristics of the Saint Bernard, a breed native to the Swiss Alps. His loving, empathetic nature helps him to adapt to any home. That is why it will be the faithful companion of any smiling person who loves a quiet life! They are very sociable dogs so they can develop anxiety problems if we leave them alone for a long time, remember that no dog should live in a garden, something that happens very often with this breed.

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5. Dalmatian


Perfect for sports lovers; It is very active so it requires you to take it out for a walk often. Perfect as a companion for walks because it is very playful, it will make a heavy day forget you completely! They are calm and collected dogs if they receive the necessary attention.

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6. Pug


Cheerful, playful and with a strong personality, all that set of characteristics is part of what a Pug is! They need a lot of attention, they are in need of affection. Spending time with your dog will be the perfect therapy and will bring joy to your life

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Beyond the races

mixed race

We have talked about specific characteristics of some breeds but you already know that each individual is a world and not all behave in the same way. A good option if you want to adopt an animal that adapts to your way of being and your rhythm of life is to go to a trusted protector.

It does not matter if the dog is of one breed or another or is a mix, the important thing is to know their character and their physical needs and those who can best guide you are the volunteers who take care of the furry ones and know them perfectly. In addition, mixed-breed dogs tend to have fewer health problems than purebred dogs.

Did you like our list? We are sure that it is. So now just go and find your canine companion for life! Whatever you choose to adopt, it will be a ray of light that will come in your days. Remember that having one is not a hobby, but a responsibility that you must assume.

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