3 Frequent doubts about bathing a puppy

Bathing can be a cuddly and entertaining experience for both you and your pet. But it also raises many questions, especially when we talk about puppies: When should we bathe a puppy for the first time? How often do you have to do it? How to get used to the water? In this post we give you the answer to all those questions.

At what age can a puppy bathe

Veterinarians advise waiting for the puppy to have at least two months to bathe it. It seems like a long time, but doing it before can be counterproductive because the puppy’s immune system is not yet used to humidity or sudden changes in temperature.

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Can you bathe a puppy without vaccinations?

No. As we have said, your immune system is still weak and if you get cold while not vaccinated you could get sick. Normally the vaccination program begins at 6 weeks and the puppy should take at least 2 vaccinations to bathe (although it is recommended 3). Hence, let’s say that two months are the most appropriate period to start bathing a puppy.

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How to accustom a puppy to the bathroom

When we deliver a puppy to its new owners we always attach a dossier with guidelines and recommendations and among all those that we consider of great importance, there are those that are aimed at getting the dog used and feeling comfortable in the groomer.

As canine groomers we have seen over many years how bad many dogs have it in the bathroom and especially when drying with a dryer. Some of them are very nervous, disobedient and even aggressive.

The point is that once they are adults it is difficult to re-educate this behavior and in the end we will end up having a dog for whom bathing and / or drying is a totally stressful experience.

So our recommendation for the puppies to fully assimilate bathing and drying with a dryer is that once they can start bathing, they should be bathed every 10-15 days for a couple of months, so that in a short period of time We have bathed it enough times to make it natural.

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Why do we make this recommendation?

The puppy is in a very important education phase (imprinting), so that everything that he assimilates at that age from that moment on will be something totally natural for him.

Bathing and drying a puppy, due to its smaller size than that of an adult dog, does not take that long, so that the first contacts with bath and drying will not be too long.

Also, as it is smaller than an adult, we will handle it easily and it will not be something exhausting for the dog or for us.

You will see how your dogs from the second or third time you bathe them pass the test and bathing and drying with a hairdryer will be an experience without any negative effect.

It is also important that the bath is done in a large bathtub so that the dog does not feel enclosed, and to be affectionate at all times, to help it relax.

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How often does a dog bathe?

Once your dog has gotten used to the toilet, there are no specific time rules. It all depends on the type of dog and its habits. If it is a dog with long hair and / or that gets dirty easily (because they love to roll in the grass) you will have to bathe it more often.

In any case, it is generally recommended to bathe the dog approximately every month, of course, always using specific products for dogs. The PH of your skin is different from that of people and our products, no matter how “neutral” they are, are not for them.

We hope this post has helped you to clear up doubts. Good bath!

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