10 psychological benefits of adopting or having a dog

Without a doubt, there is no better company than that of a canine friend. This is a fact that has been proven by numerous experts in recent times. Therefore, today in MydogShoppe we tell you what are the 10 psychological benefits that adopting or having a dog in our lives brings.

Physical well-being

Enjoying a canine companion means taking long walks daily, where our dog can relieve himself, and maintaining some daily physical activity, which will preserve the vitality of both. The best time of day for any dog ​​is when he sees you grab the leash, and for you, it can be an opportunity to put any stress aside.

Do not stop enjoying the small moments of well-being when running, playing, or even jumping with your faithful friend. You will surely notice the difference!

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Emotional quality

Physical well-being is just one of the many benefits of adopting or owning a dog in our lives. Several studies, such as that of the psychologist Harold Herzog of the University of Western Carolina, comment that having a furry partner significantly improves the mood of their owners.

Because of your company, there are changes in brain waves especially at times of greatest activity, thus reducing levels of anxiety and depression.

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Sleep conciliation

The percentage of people who are makes it difficult to fall asleep, and for this same reason, they look for all kinds of alternatives, which often end up being detrimental to their health in the long term.

Although having a dog is not the magic solution to this type of problem, doing physical activities and having emotional stability does help a lot to combat it.

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Teach to be responsible

Caring for a dog involves feeding it natural feed, cleaning it weekly, brushing it, taking it for a walk, playing, visiting the vet, etc. This habit can go away teaching children from an early age, providing them with certain responsibilities with which they learn to take care of their faithful companion, and at the same time, you will be showing him that he is not another of his toys.

The case of adolescents helps cope with emotional changes own of that stage as explained by Psychomaster in this link. How to learn to enjoy empathic relationships, since there is a real bond.

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Enjoy life

The innocence so characteristic of dogs make us see different perspectives on how they assimilate and enjoy life.

While going for a walk can be routine for you, a dog assimilates it as a source of joy.

No matter what happens, dogs entertain themselves in their day with anything from chasing an insect to keeping you company when you telecommute or watch a series. Problems and worries will always exist, but you must not forget to learn to enjoy the simplest moments with your best friend.

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They favor social relationships

Dog owners have the responsibility to take them out every day for their well-being, and during those walks, it is very easy to match up with other people, and both he and you can establish new relationships.

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Strengthens immunity

Our furry companions are so exposed to bacteria and germs like us. Surely you are wondering what good is this to me? Well, even if you don’t believe it, it is more beneficial than you think because strengthens the immune system of some agents in the environment.

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Maintain an active lifestyle

Life can become routine, but when you adopt a puppy all that changes and you start to have a more active lifestyle. This is because in the eyes of the little furry there are a lot of opportunities to explore and in which they can make you participate.

If you are more active in your day to day serotonin levels rise and you will feel much happier. It’s hard to get bored with a dog!

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Improve self-esteem

By taking care of your faithful furry companion, you feel useful and in response to that, you receive unprecedented love. For many experts, this dynamic significantly improves people’s self-esteem, since the affection of a dog towards its owner is unconditional.

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A protector of all times

If you have ever gone to the house of a relative or a friend with a dog, surely you noticed how they became alert to the slightest visit. And it is that one of the higher profits of this dynamic is shown in the protection it gives you when you are by its side.

A dog protects us against any risk because for them protecting you is one of their best responsibilities.

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Dog care at different stages

Adopting or having a dog is beneficial for the owner no matter what stage you are in. Therefore, within this dynamic, it is expected that both will benefit equally in a healthy and responsible way. They not only need food or go after a ball, they also require true wellness.

For this reason, it is vital that this type of learning be assimilated by children and adolescents from a young age. In the case of adults, the most important thing is to understand that the dog needs you to provide as much care as you do to yourself.

So without a doubt, there are many benefits related to adopting a dog, and of course, they too deserve a life full of love and care.

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