Why does my dog ​​lie in the sun even when it is very hot?

There are three main reasons why your dog seeks the sun even if it is summer and the temperatures are very high.We will tell you about it in this post!

Have you noticed how curious and comical it is to observe a dog that dozes and rests on the ground looking for that slit of sun that enters through the window? As the sun shifts, your dog does too.

If we seek the heat of the sun to tan a little and absorb some vitamin D through our skin, our dogs have 3 powerful reasons to lie in the sun, no matter how hot it is, and not exactly for tanning.

The three most powerful reasons are related to your health and are as follows:

1.- Your dog needs vitamin D

Like us, dogs also need vitamin D and they get it through the sun, but they do not do it through their skin, but through their hair, which is a much slower absorption process that “forces” them to lie in the sun. more frequently.


2.- Your dog seeks to strengthen his immune system

Dogs have a biological clock much more sensitive than ours. The more the circadian cycles are respected, the stronger your immune system will be, therefore, the more power it will have to fight against diseases.

On the other hand, if it is a dog that barely sees sunlight, that spends a lot of time in the dark, etc., its immune system will be weakened more and, therefore, it will be more vulnerable to certain diseases. That is why your instinct seeks the sun!

3.- It is a very valid method to reduce your anxiety

By exposing yourself to the sun, your dog seeks to reduce his anxiety levels. Yes, because thanks to the sun the body relaxes and enters a state of calm and tranquility that in stressed dogs much appreciated.


In addition to these top three reasons, other reasons a dog seeks to lie in the sun include: to warm up when your body cools down, improve sleep, mitigate joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, etc.

As you can see, the sun is very important in the life of a dog. You should allow you to expose yourself to it as much as possible and take advantage of the paseo longer during the day (avoiding the central hours in summer, when temperatures are very high), and not at night when the dog already has other energy and cannot take advantage of the sun’s rays.

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