Dog Care

Dog Care

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a dog from the breeder or from the shelter – proper preparation is important so that he feels at home with you….

Retrieving a dog from the shelter


Whoever takes an animal from the shelter has a great responsibility. Certain conditions apply to the admission of an animal from the shelter. First, all family members must agree to the family expansion. If you have a yard, it should be designed in such a way that the animal cannot escape. An animal from the shelter has usually already been examined, vaccinated, dewormed and, depending on the age, castrated. If you have smaller children, you should choose a dog with a balanced character.


Being lonely is very normal


The dog ends up in a strange world at your home and needs time to get used to it. You have to give him that time. If an animal already lives in your home, this can cause problems. It may happen that the animals do not get used to each other. Then you may have to part with the newcomer again, which is painful for everyone.


Keeping dogs takes a lot of time


Taking a dog into your home means reserving a lot of time for grooming, walks and playing together. You should take good care of the dog and not leave it alone for hours. Puppies need extra time for education, purebred dogs must be trained in the dog school.


Keeping a dog costs money


Prospective owners should be aware that a dog costs money. Feed, care and vet bills must be paid. The dog tax must also be included. A dog also needs basic equipment so that he feels good. He needs a place to sleep, dog leash and collar, grooming products and toys. A dog blanket for the car and a transport basket are also useful. That adds up to a decent amount. Before you buy a dog, you should draw up a pros and cons list. If you find that you will not be financially able to keep a dog, you should not choose to bring an animal into your home.

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