Shar Pei: Tips, care and characteristics


Name: Shar Pei

Origin: China

Life expectancy: 9 – 11 years

Colors: Cream, beige, red, brown, black

Fur: Short, rough

Size: Medium

Height: patient 70 cm

Weight: Up to 50 kg

Temperament: Smart, familiar, friendly

Needs: Specific diet for skin and coat care, ear care

Aptitudes: Sled dog, hunting, company

Perfect for: Families, people who live alone

Discover the Shar Pei, a beautiful and particular ancestral dog declared one of the most exotic in the world by the Times newspaper and Guinness magazine. Its name is due to its skin: shar pei means “sand skin” in Chinese.

The shar pei dogs they are perfectly recognizable by the folds of their skin. The American breed has more folds on the head and all over the body than the breed originally from China.

They are large, active and dynamic dogs that need play and outdoor activities. This millennial canine breed is intelligent, affectionate and responds well to education, provided it is done firmly.

Some people believe that race exists mini Shar Pei, but in reality it is confused with Shar Pei dogs, which are small and look like stuffed animals. As they grow up they acquire a size of 50 cm and a weight of about 20 kilos on average, being the males somewhat larger and heavier than the females.

The most remarkable thing about Shar Pei dogs as pets is that they are excellent companions and enjoy family life.

Regarding their care, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the breed and, Although it is a myth that they require excessive care, they do need special attention. They require a certain dedication of time for their care and a suitable place.

Origin of the Shar Pei dog breed

The raza shar pei It comes from southern China and dates back about 2,000 years in time. It is believed that they can be a cross between the Chow Chow and Tibetan Shepherd breeds. This is why Shar Pei have a long history in which they were adapted to many functions, such as herding, hunting, and dog fighting.

Shar Pei were in danger of extinction in the 1950s because of the People’s Republic of China restrictions on pets. Having pets was considered a bourgeois luxury, so the breed was on the verge of extinction. Some specimens were sent to the US and the breed was saved. This is why there are today two types of Shar Pei breed dogs, the Americans and the Chinese.

The Chinese variant they do not have as many wrinkles, they are taller and thinner-boned specimens.

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Shar Pei character

El Shar Pei he is a friendly, cheerful and calm dog. It can be sullen with strangers or other dogs and can become aggressive if it detects any threat to its owner or family.

To ensure that the Shar Pei is sociable with other dogs, it should be accentuate your sociability since childhood.

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Health and care of Shar Pei dogs

Shar Pei dogs require some special care:

  • The main care is to do not cut her hair and dry it completely after it gets damp or wet.
  • They are not dogs that can spend too much time in the sun.
  • It is necessary to take care of their diet to maintain their coat and delicate skin.
  • They are prone to skin conditions such as spots, alopecia, itching, discoloration or hair loss.
  • Can develop entropion, drooping of the eyelids that generates keratitis. It can be prevented with surgery if the Shar Pei lagrimea or if you are restless and scratch the eye area.
  • It is necessary to keep your ear canals clean at least once a month because they have a small, folds, and are prone to otitis.
  • In general, and with proper care, they tend to live in good health for up to 12 years.
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How to feed a Shar Pei dog according to its age?

Shar Pei puppy feeding

The Shar Pei dogs they need a balanced diet, with a lot of protein and fiber. It is essential that your food is indicated for sensitive skin, as they can develop skin rashes due to the ingestion of inappropriate foods.

There are croquettes and special feed for this breed on the market. They should eat only twice a day a good amount, not exceeding what is indicated. They should drink fluids frequently and take daily walks.

Adult Shar Pei diet

It is important to feed the Shar Pei adults with high-quality food. They are sensitive to foods with excess fat. Good quality dog ​​food, whose main ingredients are protein and fiber, is the most suitable.

Necessary strictly adhere to their balanced diet, avoiding fats, since they influence the health of their fur and skin, causing irritations and rashes.

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What to take into account when adopting a Shar Pei?

For adopt a Shar Pei As a pet it is important to know that it requires education and firmness, since it is a dog with character. What’s more, needs special care and feeding.

They can live in a flat in which they are assigned a somewhat spacious space and need at least 3 daily walks.

They are kind and companions, guardians and protectors, but if you want them to be sociable you will have to accustom them from a young age to living with other dogs and people. They may also want to impose their will in some situations, requiring some training.

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