Buying a dog from the right breeder, how do you do that?


You know for sure, you are going to buy a puppy! But, how do you know if you are buying a dog from a good breeder? Soon you will have a puppy with all kinds of behavioral problems or one that is extra susceptible to diseases. Something you definitely don’t want!

A bread breeder, what is that?

When a Bredder is only after money instead of looking after the health of the puppy then you are dealing with a bread breeder. When you pick up a puppy from such a person, you have a high risk of abnormalities, behavioral problems, and diseases. Not only do you have sky-high bills from the vet, but also a lot of grief. A puppy with problems is simply not fun. Sometimes there are so many problems that putting them to sleep is the only option.

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When you buy it, do you realize that it is a breeder of bread, but do you think it is pathetic for the puppy? Don’t be tempted, because by buying the puppy you are supporting a business that is very bad. Keep in mind that the puppy you buy will be replaced by another one in no time. Buy the puppy therefore no, no deal means no trade for the bread breeder.

How do you recognize a bread breeder?

A lot of money is made from selling puppies. That is immediately the reason that there are so many bread breeders. A bread breeder does everything he can to not stand out. By using the tips below you buy a dog from the right breeder.

Check whether the seller is a member of the recognized breed club

A passionate breeder is often concerned with breeding a particular breed that must meet the breed standard. In doing so, they take into account the future of the breed. These breeders are members of a recognized breed club. There are about 150 recognized breed clubs. When you buy a puppy you can check the breeder’s membership.

Note the number of nests

A professional breeder often only sells 1 breed and has 1 litter of it. There is quite a bit of time in raising and socializing puppies, which is why the breeder only has 1 litter. He or she wants the puppy to grow up with the best care and knows everything about the breed and character of the dog.

A bread breeder breeds several breeds and therefore has several litters. A professional breeder often has a waiting list, a breeder does not, he usually has a whole stock of puppies. Watch out for people who offer lots of puppies and all kinds of breeds.

Visit the puppy

Are you not allowed to look at the litter and does the breeder indicate that the puppy will be delivered at home? Then that’s a sign that something isn’t right. A breeder would like to deliver at home so that you do not have access to the puppy’s home situation. A good breeder invites you to visit the puppy once and has no problem with you wanting to visit the puppy a number of times. In fact, some breeders insist that you stop by before buying a puppy.

Check the living environment

If the puppy is in a dark shed, don’t buy it. A puppy that grows up in an area where not many people come will not develop a good relationship with people. They are also not used to daily noises which can cause problems in behavior. Always ask about where the puppies sleep. A breeder can temporarily put the puppy in the living room for sale. Keep that in mind.

Meet the puppies’ mother

A professional breeder will show you the puppies’ mother. It is nice to meet the mother dog because that way you can see what kind of dog you are buying. In addition, the mother dog should be sociable, non-aggressive, and approachable. She should have no problem with you looking at the puppy. With a bread breeder, the chance that you will meet the mother dog is small. Usually, they have excuses or they just bring in a dog.

Bring a passport of the puppy

Every puppy has a passport. It states from which country the puppy comes, what the date of birth is, the chip number, and the name of the breeder. Before you can take the puppy home, he or she must also have received the necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments. Make sure that you can look at the passport before you buy the puppy. You are not allowed to bring a puppy earlier than seven weeks. If a breeder sells them sooner, then the law is being broken.

Asking questions

By paying attention to the above points, you will find out whether you are dealing with a professional breeder or a bread breeder. The breeder will ask you questions about your living and family situation. If he or she wants to know what kind of work you do, then you are completely fine. A good breeder finds it important that the puppy gets a nice place to live. A bread breeder will not be so quick to ask you questions. A bread breeder also reacts reluctantly to questions on your side.

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