All You need to know about Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed

Jack Russell Terrier

Small, smart, and lively – the young breed has been able to win over a large number of urban fans. The “Jack Russell Terrier” refers to an independent breed with British roots, recognized by the FCI since 2000. The Jack Russell Terrier is distinguished from its close relatives, the Parson Russell Terrier, by its short legs.

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Physique: small and agile

A Jack Russell Terrier likes to explore the environment with his nose close to the ground: the dog’s withers are 25 to 30 cm high according to the standard. Their ideal weight is between 5 and 6 kilos. Because of the short legs, the dogs are long rather than high. The size of the chest is between 40 and 43 cm and is especially relevant for the breed as a hunter: a larger chest would hinder him if he were to walk through the fox burrow. Its v-shaped ears are folded down. When the dog runs back and forth (something he likes and does often) his tail is erect. In the rest position, the tail hangs down.

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Coat and color

The characteristic for the Jack Russell is also the typical color combination with a predominantly white coat with spots in different colors such as black, brown and black, and tan. Like cow spots, the spots can be spread out or concentrated in a number of places – a spot around the eye looks very striking – but the white must dominate. An all-black Jack Russell is not allowed by the breed standard. The dogs must have a drawing. A long-haired Jack Russell is also called wire-haired. Thus, the cost structure can be short, smooth, rough, or spiky.

Jack Russell Terrier

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Origin of the breed

The name of the breed comes from the first breeder: John (nickname “Jack”) Russel (1795-1883). In 1819 he took Fox Terrier bitch Trump into his home in Oxford. She is seen as the founding mother of all current Jack Russell Terriers. The breed in its current form comes from Australia despite its British roots. The dogs were mainly bred there for fox hunting. This became necessary because in 1850 English immigrants released two foxes into Australia. The Dingo present there was not an interesting loot for human hunters. The foxes multiplied rapidly without natural enemies. That is why they wanted to reduce the number of foxes and there was a demand for hunting dogs. Jack Russells could fit through rabbit and wombat dens because of their small size and could cover great distances.

The official history of the Jack Russell Terrier only begins in 1972 with the founding of the “Jack Russell Terrier Club of Australia”. Today, Australia is still the most influential country in breed development. The small bundles of energy are also made famous by the American comedy series “Frasier”, in which the dog Moose was seen on many screens in 192 episodes. Thus, he became a four-legged Hollywood star. Jack Russell Terriers are nowadays also used for hunting foxes, badgers, and marmots. But the dogs are very popular as family dogs and as guide dogs for the blind.

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The character of the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier may look small and cute, but he has the heart of a diligent hunter. Because of this combination, it is often underestimated what it means to keep this breed. He has a great urge to move. The four-legged friend is lively, very active, and definitely not a couch potato. The temperamental dog also stands out for its strong will. The breed is known for being kid-friendly, but caution is advised especially with small children. What the small dog needs, in addition to consistent education, is: movement, movement, movement! Compared to other dogs, with appropriate socialization, he is an open dog. In small animals such as cats, especially outside their “own” family, the hunting instinct quickly gains the upper hand. A well-balanced Jack Russell Terrier brings great joy to his owner: he is friendly,

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Health: prevention is better than cure

In principle, a Jack Russell Terrier is a robust nature lover, who can live more than 15 years with good care. However, there are a few typical diseases common to this breed. However, the risk of this can be reduced by going to a responsible breeder. Like some other terrier breeds, the Jack Russell is predisposed to ataxia and myelopathy. Symptoms of these neurological disorders include movement disorders and muscle tremors. Allergic skin conditions can also occur. With patellar luxation, the kneecap shifts, the dog usually walks on three legs. Surgery can remove the symptoms that your protector is suffering from. It must be ensured that the dog gets enough exercise and that the food is adapted to the low bodyweight of the dog.

Jack Russell Terrier

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Raising your Jack Russell Terrier

The upbringing must be absolutely loving and consistent, taking into account the great hunting instinct of the lively Jack Russell Terrier. “No” should really always mean “no”. The smart dog likes to take advantage of an inconsistent upbringing so that he is in control. It is best to get the dog used to other small animals while he is still a puppy. When mature, these hunting dogs are very difficult to keep with cats. Like adult dogs, puppies also need to learn quickly which behaviors are desirable and which are undesirable. Consistent action is important for this: agree with all family members what the desired behavior is. If the dog can go to bed as a small puppy, he will always want it. If you give the young dog a lot of attention after he barks,

A visit to a puppy or dog school is highly recommended. This is where your new family member usually gets to know dogs of other breeds, which helps keep him calm when interacting with other four-legged friends. He also practices basic commands such as “sit”, or “stay”, which makes everyday life easier. It also strengthens the bond between you and your dog. In the ideal case, you are already looking for a competent dog school before the intek of your dog, where the trainer is able to answer your questions quickly and of which you have a good impression. Playing and learning are one of them.

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Activities for energy bundles

The energetic dogs love the action! If that is not the case, they will behave badly or become overweight. So go for a walk and give your dog enough time and space to dig and sniff. Dog sports such as agility or dog dance are also recommended because your dog is mentally challenged. Your Jack Russell Terrier also likes to go with you while jogging!

The good sleuths also enjoy sniffing games, where the aim is to find things or candies. It is important to give the dog rest after all the effort. To give an example: ball games! But in a controlled way. This means that, for example, the ball is only picked up on command. By playing in a controlled manner, you prevent your dog from becoming too busy despite the movement. It is important to challenge your dog mentally as well. This strengthens your bond and makes you a close team. Of course, you can teach your dog many tricks. Clicker training often likes this breed! A Jack Russell Terrier that is sufficiently challenged and well trained makes a good companion at any stage of life.

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Where can I buy a Jack Russell?

Anyone looking for a Jack Russell Terrier should turn to a serious breeder. Because the dog breed is very popular, there are many breeders who mainly want to make as much profit as possible. Not only do they not meet the breed standard and the health of the animals suffers as a result. Serious breeders take care of animals that are in good physical and mental health. Bread breeders often keep animals in poor conditions and do not offer animal activities tailored to the animal. The mother dogs often do not get the opportunity to catch their breath, but must be covered again as soon as possible. In addition, the young animals are often separated from the mother much too early. This endangers the health and can cause unwanted social behavior of the puppies.

Jack Russell Terrier

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The right breeder

With a breeder who cares about the well-being of the dogs, you have the opportunity to get to know the puppies and the parents, siblings in the breeder’s home. He is happy to answer your questions about the health and nutrition of his breeding animals and is not only a seller, but also a point of contact. In addition, breeders also ask you questions about the puppy’s future environment, their living situation, and leisure activities. Finding the best possible shelter for the offspring is one of the tasks of a good breeder. National breeding associations are happy to help you find a serious breeder in your area.

If it doesn’t have to be a puppy, you can also look into special animal protection organizations for Jack Russell Terriers. Here you can also find older animals, sometimes also crosses. From time to time you can also find a dog of this breed in the shelter. Such dogs may have quirky character traits depending on their history but are generally happy with a new home. Animal protection will give you good advice so that you know whether the four-legged friend is right for you.

We wish you many adventures together with your Jack Russell Terrier!

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