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The Bichón Maltés, it is a breed of dog miniature or toy, presents some spectacular features and this makes them very popular around the world. They are known for being dogs charming, active, very intelligent, alert, balanced, affectionate, and sociable.

But there are still many more aspects about this breed that we need to know if we want to have it as a companion dog.

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  • AKC Classification: Miniature
  • UKC Classification: Service dog

Physical characteristics

  • Height: 15- 35 cm.
  • Body mass: 1 a 3 kg
  • Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years
  • Personality: balanced, sociable, active, intelligent, cheerful and affectionate.
  • Hair Colors: White.


  • Family: leal.
  • Kids: sensible.
  • Strangers: reserved.
  • Tendency to bark: high.


  • General health: high.
  • Loose hair: half.
  • Need for exercise: very high.

Origin and history

The Maltese Bichón it is one of the dog breeds oldest in Europe, at the time of the Roman empire They stood out because they were the stray dogs that eliminated the rats from the cities. It is believed that the Maltese Bichon comes from the Mediterranean, more specifically Malta, an island south of Sicily. Since the 5th century, these dogs have been depicted on ceramic in Greek art. Archaeological evidence has been found showing that the Egyptians had Maltese Bichons and that it was the Phoenicians who brought Of Egipt to the ancestors of this breed more than 2000 years ago.

The breed over the years was genetically selected to develop smaller and smaller individuals and reach miniature-sized dogs.

The Maltese Bichon was made very popular Thanks to their physical and behavioral characteristics, they finally settled with the nobles in large houses where they were very pampered and pampered. Over the years this breed has spread throughout the world, being one of the most popular.

This breed was registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1888.


The Maltese Bichón It is a miniature dog with short legs, drooping ears and compact.

Its weight is between 1 and 3 kg, its height must be less than 25 cm and its Life expectancy is about 14 years old.

The head that always carries high, it is well proportioned with respect to the body. The Long ears, naturally drooping, are low set and hairy, and the snout It is of medium length and tapered.

The Maltese present a compact and square body, Slanted shoulder blades, elbows well connected and close to the body. The back level on the top line and well-sprung ribs. The deep chest and the strong back and collected.

The tail is thick and is slightly curled on the back.

The Maltese Bichon has a long hair cloak,
smooth, silky and white, It does not have an undercoat unlike its close relative the Bichon Frize. Making their coat easier to care for and favors a lower hair down than other breeds of similar appearance.


The Maltese Bichón It is a breed that stands out for its great intelligence and rapid learning, Due to this, it requires activities that make it develop and activate your daily mental activity, plus moderate physical exercise. To facilitate this we can offer you interactive toys and games.

This breed, in addition to being intelligent, stands out for being balanced, sociable, active, and loving.

They are also very good family dogs, playful, cheerful, and energetic. With elderly are very good companions and with children, they are good but sensitive because of their small constitution, if they are not treated with great care, they can suffer injuries.

The Maltese Bichon, he is always alert and will bark when he hears unfamiliar noises.

He likes to enjoy the company of people and other pets. And due to his nervous, affectionate and playful nature, if too much happens time alone at home can develop undesirable behaviors, Therefore, if you do not have enough time to dedicate to a puppy of this breed, choose another with characteristics that best suit you.

In this as in all canine breeds, since they are puppies in addition to A good education need a good socialization process to get used to children, strangers, and other animals and in this way, they will be Sociable, happy and balanced adult dogs.

Thanks to its size and needs, the Maltese is a dog suitable for indoors, due to its moderate need for exercise and its small size.

Health and care

Although the Bichon Maltese is a dog very resistant, strong, and healthy sometimes they suffer from certain pathologies. Those that have been most frequently described in this breed are:

Musculoskeletal problems, among which stands out the patella luxation.

The overweight occurs more frequently in adulthood. To prevent it, we must follow a correct diet and exercise pattern for our pet, since when an animal is overweight all other pathologies are aggravated.

Eye problems such as conjunctivitis, oral problems such as gingivitis, and ear problems such as otitis, which are avoided by carrying out a good cleaning of the eyes, mouth, and ears once a week.

Other pathologies Common in this breed are food allergies, cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, urinary stones, etc.

It should be noted that not all these diseases will happen to the same animal, it really is a strong and healthy breed.


The Alimento that should we offer to our Bichon Maltese must be of high quality. On our website, we have analyzed the best foods on the market for small breeds and the best natural feed for your pet to be able to compare and choose the option that best suits them, since as it is a breed prone to obesity, it is essential to offer it good food, as well as providing him with the daily exercise he needs.

The daily amount of food will depend on what food is provided, the age of the animal, its weight, physical activity, and physical condition. Food can be offered in one serving or up to three.


The Maltese Bichon has a coat of long, smooth, and silky hair. Coat care is moderate, just two brushings a week. When you shed your hair, you can brush up to 4 times a week to prevent the house from being cluttered with hair.

With respect to the bathroom, Due to the white color of their fur, it can get dirty relatively quickly, appearing yellowish tones and even brown if they are not bathed frequently. However, it is advisable to do so every six-eight weeks and without using artificially scented chemicals. It is advisable to use natural lotions and soaps, rich in vitamin E and Aloe vera. But in some cases where they get dirty more quickly, it is recommended to perform a “dry bath” with special products for this as is the dry cleaning foam, in this way we do not harm your skin by bathing it excessively.

Finally, it must visit the vet every six months for a routine visit and every time something unusual is observed in the dog.

Q. How long does my Bichon Maltese need daily exercise?

A: This breed, despite being energetic and active, takes two moderate walks a day. We must also provide him with toys that stimulate him mentally and physically.

Q. Is the Bichon Maltese good with children?

A: The Maltese Bichon is a good breed by nature, however when they are in contact with children you have to be careful and control children since they are very sensitive and small animals and children can harm them unintentionally. If a child causes the Bichon any discomfort, it may respond with bark or even a mark with its mouth.

Q. How do the Bichon Maltese behave with other animals?

A: The Maltese Bichon is good with other animals, as long as they have had a good socialization process when they are puppies. Whenever a new animal is to be introduced into the home, it is invited or a new pet must be done carefully and slowly so that the animals can get used to the new normal.


The Maltese Bichón It is one of the breeds of miniature dogs that can become one of the best pets, Since it is a canine with spectacular characteristics, however, it is important to know that they need a good education, socialization and daily time to be balanced, healthy and happy pets.

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